Alhambra ISS is a complete passenger information system for commuter railways and metro networks

Alhambra ISS is a major step forward in the Passenger Information System applications. Alhambra ISS helps to define how to inform passengers, keeping them updated on an array of variables. This tool also aids in preparing traffic disruption scenarios and simulations, and monitoring device situations in rail stations and on-board trains.

Alhambra ISS has been fully developed by Elecnor-Deimos, a company focused on the development of high-end & high-tech systems and engineering solutions. Our proven record of clients guarantees our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Elecnor-Deimos is an Elecnor group partner, one of the leading Spanish companies in engineering, infrastructure development & construction projects and a leading investor in renewable energies, sustainability and space.

Integrated Operation

Alhambra ISS can be employed from a centralized operational post to live-monitor current routes of trains: real platforms, arrival and departure times of trains at stations and others. The operator of Alhambra ISS can also manage traffic situations that lead to train cancellations. From a sole operational post, the overall status of the system can be checked and public-addressing systems inside stations can be managed to automatically inform passengers of train incidences or general advertisements. The tool also allows supervising infrastructure’s status, such as public addressing devices, display screens and information digital displays, intercom systems, etc.

Alhambra ISS allows sending messages manually to devices on specific zones inside stations and before-hand created groups of devices or to a group of stations. In addition, advertisement campaigns and special program emissions can be delivered, be portrayed on digital displays.

Alhambra ISS assists in recovering historic information recorded by the system to visualize it on reports. The software simulates operational scenarios to show what kind of information the system will show to passengers, in case of any traffic-related incidence.

Networking monitoring

Alhambra ISS monitors all devices’ working status and the state of the system.

System monitoring

Alhambra ISS checks the state of affairs of the system and the devices on the ground. This tool allows checking that required information is being shown to the passengers properly, according to the ongoing situation.

Alhambra ISS
Alhambra ISS

Traffic monitoring

Alhambra ISS manages long-term train planning, integrating the live-tracking of the position of trains within the service.

Reporting and incidence management

Alhambra ISS programs scenarios according to foreseen issues,  with the ability to simulate specific operational scenarios.

Information through multiple communication channels


Alhambra ISS sends information to all the devices installed on the stations: public addressing systems, multimedia displays, LED/LCDs, etc. It also allows providing information through attention points located at the stations.


Alhambra ISS allows direct information reporting to on-board train devices like speakers or displays.


Alhambra ISS has a mobile application where users can check and get updates on the train’s status. Users can subscribe to certain trains or routes to receive push notifications on schedules, arrivals and programmed services.


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