Alhambra ISS is the most complete passenger information system for commuter railways and metro networks

Alhambra ISS is a major step forward in the passenger information scope application. With Alhambra ISS you can easily define how you want to inform  to your passengers, how you want to keep them informed. It helps you to prepare traffic disruption scenarios and simulations, monitor your devices situations in your stations and on-board your trains.

Alhambra ISS has been developed by Elecnor Deimos, whose aim is to develop and to provide high-tech systems and engineering solutions. Our multiple clients guarantee our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Elecnor Deimos is a company of the Elecnor group, one of the leading Spanish companies in engineering, infrastructure development and construction projects and a leading investor in renewable energies, energy and environment and space.

Integrated Operation

You can work with Alhambra ISS from a centralized operational post, where you can track your trains, monitoring in real time the real journeys of the trains: real platforms, arrival and departure times of the trains at the stations. You can also manage traffic problems that lead to train cancellations. From the unique operational post, you can check the health of the system, manage the public-address system located inside stations to automatically inform to the passengers about train situations or general advertisements. You can also supervise your devices status: public address devices, display screens and information digital displays, intercom systems, etc.

You can send manually messages to devices inside determined zones inside the stations, to groups of devices created before-hand or to a group of stations. You can design advertisement campaigns and program special emissions, to be shown on digital signature like displays.

You can recover historic information persisted by the system visualizing this information on reports. You can simulate operational scenarios in order to see what kind of information the system would show to the passengers in case of happening certain traffic-related situations. You can recover all events occurred in a given past period of time that were recorded previously by the system.

Networking monitoring

You can monitor all devices working status and the health of the system.


The health of the system and your devices status. You can assure yourself that the information is being shown to the passengers according of the current situation.

Alhambra ISS
Alhambra ISS

Traffic monitoring

You can manage your long-term planning of trains. You can track your trains positions.

Reporting and managing issues

You can program scenarios according to foreseen issues. You can simulate specific operational scenarios.

Information through multiple communication channels


You can send information to all the devices installed on the stations: public address system, multimedia displays, LED/LCD displays. You can provide information through attention points located in the station.


You can send information to on-board train devices like public address system or displays.


Alhambra has its own mobile application where users can see trains situations. Users can subscribe to certain trains or journeys to receive notifications about them.


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