Real-Time Information

Circulation of trains

Alhambra ISS publishes rail circulation-related information such as: train destination, stations serviced by the train, commuting trains & lines and additional features such as: double rolling-stock composition, accessibility for reduced mobility people, special trains reserved for the transportation of students, etc.

Issues in infrastructure or traffic disruptions

Alhambra ISS publishes information related to issues in infrastructure affecting circulation of trains, line closures, shuttle train circulation, partial service train circulation, special service train circulations among others. Alhambra ISS publishes any kind of information related to issues  conditioning infrastructure or train circulations.

Advertising, corporate and passenger advices related information

Alhambra ISS publishes information about station network, additional train services and advertising.

Alhambra ISS

Long-term planning management

Integration with railway's planning systems

Alhambra ISS integrates with systems to provide long term train planning.

Train route edition

Alhambra ISS allows the operator to make live modifications on a train’s planned route and adjust it to train dispatching operations.

Route, schedule and platform editing

Alhambra ISS allows operators to manually edit routes, train schedules, train characteristics as well as the unpublished changes by the planning or train dispatching systems, if required.

Edition of the train's commercial information

Alhambra ISS allows operators the edition of commercial information associated to a train, additionally with the unit’s technical information, not included in the long-term planning.

Qué es Alhambra ISS

Real time train tracking

Alhambra ISS allows to live-track each train’s circulation, integrating this with train dispatching systems and CTC systems.

Manual Operations

Alhambra ISS aids operators to execute train-dispatching operations as the edition of the current delay of a given train or the suppression of a train’s circulation. The operator can also edit the entrance platform of a train in the station.

Information about the network of stations, additional services and advertising.

Centralized and local operation modes

Alhambra ISS monitors all devices used to provide information to passengers.

Alhambra ISS uses scenarios to manage the configuration of the devices efficiently. Prooven to be useful in case of incidences to change the information portrayed to users.

Alhambra ISS manages from an unique post the incidents occuring in an operational exercise, translating the information to passengers on time.

Alhambra ISS is a multi-user & multi-platform system with different permissions and roles.

Alhambra ISS has a local operational post deployed in each station.

Information channels

Public Address Systems

Alhambra ISS integrates with centralized public addressing systems to announce messages relative to the arrival or departure of trains from stations, general announcements and messages related to incidences or emergencies.

LCD/LED Displays

Alhambra ISS integrates with LCD/LED displays to publish information relative to the arrival or departure of trains from stations, general announcements, notices & messages related to incidences or emergencies.

Multimedia Net-Monitors

Alhambra ISS integrates with multimedia net-monitors to publish information relative to the arrival or departure of trains from the stations, general announcements, notices & messages related to incidences or emergencies. These monitors are also used by Alhambra ISS to place advertising or corporate information.

On-Board Train Devices

Alhambra ISS integrates with on-board train speakers and screens to offer relevant informatio to commuting passengers.


Alhambra ISS includes an interface for third-party application integration or web information channel integration.


Alhambra ISS includes an interface for third-party application integration and mobile applications for Android or iOS.

  • Alhambra ISS manages the repository of messages used by public addressing systems.
  • Alhambra ISS integrates with different manufacturer’s devices.
  • Alhambra ISS publishes information in multiple visual formats.
  • Alhambra ISS is a multi-operator system allowing to have different operator roles.
  • Alhambra ISS is designed to be internationalized and adapted to different languages.
  • Alhambra ISS integrates with videowall systems to show the tracking of train circulations and device’s status
  • Alhambra ISS integrates with TTS engines to generate messages used by public address systems.
  • Alhambra ISS runs on multiple hardware platforms.
  • Alhambra ISS has a module to simulate specific operational situations.
  • Alhambra ISS generates statistics and manages historical data.
  • Alhambra ISS integrates with public IP addressing systems in real-time.
  • Alhambra ISS runs on a cluster with high availability.
  • Alhambra ISS manages zones and groups of devices.


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