Alhambra ISS, a consolidated system

Currently, Alhambra ISS is already a consolidated system that is deployed and offering service in numerous metropolitan railway networks. The Commuter Edition version serves more than one million passengers per day of the suburban networks of Cercanías de Sevilla, Rodalies de Catalunya, Rodalia de Valencia, Cercanías de Málaga and suburban lines of the Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya. The Metro Edition version is currently deployed on line 9 of Metro Barcelona and Metro Bilbao.


Rodalies de Catalunya is a suburban service with 8 lines that are deployed in the metropolitan area of Barcelona. With a length of 467 kilometers and 109 stations, it is deployed in 77 municipalities, serving an area with about 4.7 million inhabitants. It is estimated that the service is used daily by about 350.000 passengers.


The network of Cercanías de Sevilla is deployed in the metropolitan area of Seville. It has five lines, with a length of 254 kilometers and has 37 stations. This service is used daily by about 25.000 passengers.


The network of Cercanías de Málaga provides service in the Malaga area including the Costa del Sol. It has a length of 70 kilometers, two lines and 24 operating stations. It is used annually by 8 million of passengers.


The network of Rodalia of Valencia has six lines, a length of 252 kilometers and a total of 66 stations in operation. It is estimated to have about 18 million of passengers per year.


The Ferrocarrils of the Generalitat of Catalunya (FGC) include both lines that make the service of the metro as commuter lines around the city of Barcelona, mountain tourist railways, and rural regional lines. It has a length of 271 kilometers and 91 stations (74 in Barcelona and 17 in Lleida), with 77 million of passengers annually.


Metro Bilbao has a total of 87 million passengers per year. The Alhambra ISS is currently being deployed in new or remodeled stations, to be the system that will modernize the information to the passengers.


Line 9 of Metro Barcelona has 28 kilometers of length and 24 stations. Alhambra ISS is the system that is responsible for providing the necessary information for passengers. It is expected to be used by 120 million passengers per year.

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